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Unwind 2.0 Self-Care Box

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At Fancy Face, we’re all about self-love and self-care! And some days, you need more loving care than others. Go all in and treat yourself to a much-deserved escape from the realities of the everyday. We’re pretty confident you give others your focus, attention, kindness, and love. Shouldn’t you be doing the same for yourself? What better way to do just that than with our beautiful Unwind 2.0 Self-Care Box? Our Stardust Gel Eye Masks, Supermodel Lip Bath in Strawberry Strut, and our delectable Signature Rosé All Day Candle, along with The 6BabeBeauty Premium Rose Quartz Facial Roller & Facial Gua Sha tool and Face Awakening Oil are all that you need to get swept away into a world of self-care and kindness. Let that stress disappear as you experience the relaxing and luscious scents of amber vanilla and spiced tobacco, bring brightness back to your beautiful eyes, and give your lips the supermodel treatment. You’re not finished there...add even more luxury with a cool, gentle, and life-giving roller treatment for your fancy face, and follow it with deeply facial oil for an extra glow. You deserve it.

✨ 10 Pack Stardust Gel Eye Masks
✨ Supermodel Lip Bath in Strawberry Strut
✨ Rosé All Day Candle
✨ Face Awakening Oil
✨ Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Kit

VALUE OF BOX: $263 + tax

Savings of 20% + free shipping within Canada!


*No swaps or edits to the bundles
*No refunds or exchanges
*Limited stock available