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The Basic Boss Lash

Human hair false lashes

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The Basic Boss Lash is Brittany Gray’s favourite false lash style for everyday “boss babe” wear.

Soft enough that it doesn’t look too overwhelming for business meetings, yet glam enough that you look fancier than your mascara-loving self. After all the DM’s and questions about what false lash she wears CONSTANTLY, Britt can now finally share with you all the lash that makes her feel like a boss babe day in and day out. Wispy, fluffy, medium-length & great for every eye shape... we promise you will love the BBL!!

✧ Translucent band
✧ 100% ethically sourced human hair
✧ You'll receive 1 box with 5 sets of lashes

Need a helpful little tutorial on how to apply false lashes? We've got you, boss babe > click here!

  • How To Use
Before applying glue, measure lashes to your eye and trim from the outer corner only. Once the lash has been trimmed, use a lash curler to curl the lash and get as close to the lash band as you can. Pump the lash curler a few times from the base of the lash to about half way up, avoid curling the tips of the lash if possible. Apply an even amount of glue from the inner corner to the outer corner. Allow the glue time to get tacky before applying it. Place the lash as close as you can to your lash line for best application results. Pro tip: Bring a hand mirror below your chin to allow optimal lid space making for an easier application.