Affiliate Program

Hey Beauty!

We are so excited to hear you are interested in joining Fancy Face’s official affiliate program. 

If you are unfamiliar with Fancy Face, let’s get acquainted. Founded by beauty expert & on-air TV personality Brittany Gray, Fancy Face provides luxury hair and makeup services for weddings, bridal parties, events & the entertainment industry. With over 15 years in the business, in 2019, Gray launched the brand’s first namesake capsule collection of cosmetic products to compliment her company’s service offerings. The brand now offers over 50 unique cosmetic products - housed in the brand’s luxurious brick and mortar location, “The Rosé Room”, in Toronto - designed to help transform the at home beauty experience for womxn of all ages.

In everything we do, we believe that ‘Fancy is a Feeling’. It’s feeling empowered. It’s feeling in-charge. It’s knowing you’re capable of making your wildest dreams come true. It’s feeling like the best version of yourself. It’s saying goodbye to self doubt and hello to the endless possibilities that being YOU brings. Together, we hope to spread the word to inspire womxn to choose to be fancy every single day - makeup or no makeup. 

By choosing to join the program, we are growing together. We only make money, if you make money! This is why we will reward you with commission on every purchase that's made as a result of someone clicking on your unique referral link or using your unique code. And when you create beautiful looks with Fancy Face, we will also be happy to feature your photos on our social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook with our combined network of 50K+ followers. 

Fancy Face Perks: 

  • It’s free to participate and you will make 5% commission on every sale. 
  • Request FOUR Fancy Face products every three months, 16 unique products per year.
  • Access to a personal partner dashboard, where you can track your commission and receive convenient payments.
  • An opportunity to be featured on Fancy Face’s social media platforms.
  • An opportunity to be featured on and contribute to the Fancy Face blog which receives high monthly traffic, and is excellent for exposure.
  • Highest earning annual affiliates will have the opportunity for further sponsorships and promotional opportunities.

Some Fancy Face Beauties: 

Requirements to join the Fancy Face Fam:

  • 5000+ followers on Instagram
  • Content is beauty, hair or makeup focused 
  • Must have video experience and be active on reels
  • Have experience with makeup 
  • Must be following @fancyfaceinc

Bonus Requirements:

  • Youtube channel showcasing makeup tutorials, get ready with me style videos 
  • Has tried Fancy Face in the past, and wears our products often 
  • Loves to create makeup tutorials and try out new makeup trends 

Content Creation Requirements:

  • Affiliates are required to post on their social media platforms one time every  month, 12 times a year. All content must be unique, original content.
  • ONE piece of non-dedicated content can include the following items: IG feed posts, IGTV, Youtube Video (review, get ready with me glam/date night, hair tutorials), blog post (review, hair tutorial), IG stories (2-3 frames)
  • Instagram content must tag @fancyfaceinc on the photo and in the caption, plus the hashtags #fancyfaceinc #fancymuse, in order for Fancy Face to track all content created. 
  • Youtube and blog content must link back to the Fancy Face website 
  • All content must be uploaded to our Fancy Face g-drive (link will be shared upon approval) before the end of the month for accounting purposes and re-sharing opportunities 
  • To see full details, kindly refer to our partnership agreement 

Other Information:  

  • Upon approval, affiliates must personally request their set of products by emailing the affiliate manager. 
  • To request new product, all affiliates must provide a detailed list of items, as well as their full mailing address + phone number to affiliate manager 

By clicking sign up, you agree that you meet the social media and content creation requirements.

We look forward to working with you to spread the word about Fancy Face and all the positive messages we stand for.