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Sealed with a Kiss Lash

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Lean in for our Sealed with a Kiss lash and embrace your flair for the dramatic with a strikingly bold lash sure to leave your eyes as the stars of the show.

Lean into your Fancy with our loveliest, most luxurious lashes yet ─ introducing: The Newlywed Collection. This bold and beautiful bridal collection consists of four sets of premium quality, hand-crafted 3D strip lashes that are sure to make heads turn and bridal dreams reign supreme.

Perfect for a bride or anyone looking to feel fancy with brighter, bolder eyes, our entire collection of lashes is reusable for up to 25 wears and handmade with premium materials for greater comfort and longer-lasting wear. Not only do they look and feel absolutely luxe, but their packaging also offers the ideal box to place on your wedding-day vanity to help set the picture-perfect wedding day scene.

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? If you answered yes, then Sealed with a Kiss is the perfect lash for you. The biggest and boldest lash in our Newlywed Collection, Sealed with a Kiss also happens to be one of our favourites. 

What are they? Our Sealed with a Kiss lash offers you that beautifully brilliant and sexy cat-eye effect, making your eyes the star of the show. Longer on the outer corners of the lash, these lovely ladies elegantly elevate and enhance almond-shaped eyes, creating a strikingly bold lash look. 

Who are they for? Perfect for the newlywed and anyone who wants their eyes to be the first thing people notice when you walk into the room. Let your eyes be the sexy stars they are.

All lashes are reusable for up to 25 wears and handmade with premium materials for comfort and long-lasting wear.

$40.00 each CAD*

*All lashes are sold individually or as a bundle of 4 at 20% off