Ceramic Hair Roller 8pc Variety Pack

Ceramic Hair Roller

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The KITSCH ceramic thermal rollers pump serious long-lasting volume into your waves and curls by adding lift at the roots. Use as the finishing touch on almost dried hair. (For the best results on curly hair textures, blow-out hair smooth and apply rollers while hair is still warm. 

Who it's for: Curlers are suitable for anyone with chin length hair and longer. 

Works well with: The Makeup Eraser

    • How To Use
    • Use on dry hair only
    • After blow drying or curling hair as desired start with the roller at the end of your hair and roll up towards your root 
    • Insert the rollers one as a time, focusing on areas where you wish to have the most volume. 
    • With curlers in place do one last shot of heat with a blow dryer to warm the rollers and allow to cool
    • Leave rollers in hair until hair is cooled or for as long as you can for optimal volume 
    • Once hair is completely cool and dry, gently unroll curlers and pull down once hair has become unwrapped from curlers
    • Style as you wish