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Honeymoon Lash

Mink False Lashes

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Meet our Honeymoon Lash, our deliciously decadent lash that offers you a natural and perfectly effortless, bright, doe-eyed effect with its gently elongated centre line.

Lean into your Fancy with our loveliest, most luxurious lashes yet ─ introducing: The Newlywed Collection. This bold and beautiful bridal collection consists of four sets of premium quality, hand-crafted 3D strip lashes that are sure to make heads turn and bridal dreams reign supreme. 

Perfect for a bride or anyone looking to feel fancy with brighter, bolder eyes, our entire collection of lashes is reusable for up to 25 wears and handmade with premium materials for greater comfort and longer-lasting wear. Not only do they look and feel absolutely luxe, but their packaging also offers the ideal box to place on your wedding-day vanity to help set the picture-perfect wedding day scene.

What it is: Our Honeymoon lash will leave people wondering if you’re wearing lashes at all, or if your own are just simply that gorgeous. These lovely lashes are the same length on the inner and outer corners, with a gently elevated, slightly longer lash in the centre to help create a bright, doe-eyed effect, leaving your lashes looking elegantly effortless.

Who it’s for: Perfect for the newlywed and anyone looking for that simply sweet, subtle and effortless glamour. Not over the top, but absolutely enough to make people turn and take notice.

All lashes are reusable for up to 25 wears and handmade with premium materials for comfort and long-lasting wear.

Works well with: Wanderlust 


  • Ingredients
  • How To Use
Ethically sourced mink hair, 100% cotton band.
Before applying glue, measure lashes to your eye and trim from the outer corner only. Once the lash has been trimmed, use a lash curler to curl the lash and get as close to the lash band as you can. Pump the lash curler a few times from the base of the lash to about half way up, avoid curling the tips of the lash if possible. Apply an even amount of glue from the inner corner to the outer corner. Allow the glue time to get tacky before applying it. Place the lash as close as you can to your lash line for best application results. Pro tip: Bring a hand mirror below your chin to allow optimal lid space making for an easier application.