White2Nite Natural Whitening Pen

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The White2Nite, Natural tooth whitening pen is the most natural,  effective, affordable tooth whitener on the market. 

What it is: Dentist recommended, enamel safe and the first of its kind, White2Nite pen was established in 2007 and has been brightening smiles without sensitivity. Its formula is one of a kind and the whitening process begins instantly. 

Flavour: Peppermint

Who it’s for: Everyone! If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please consult your doctor before using. 

Enamel safe, no sensitivity to teeth or gums, no harsh chemicals, gluten free, no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, no animal testing

Works well with: Strawberry Supermodel Lipbath

Full Ingredient List:

Deionized water, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Natural Flavors (no msg), Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera juice, Pomegranate extract, Alcohol, xylitol, potassium sorbate.

How to use:

  • Remove Cap, Twist bottom of pen until one drop of gel appears at brush tip
  • Dry Teeth. With one drop, spread very thin layer on all front of visible teeth
  • Smile, keeping lips away from teeth for 30 seconds
  • Do not eat, drink, rinse or brush teeth for 30 mins.
  • Apply 2x Daily
  • Maintenance: 1-3 x weekly

*30 Applications per pen

*No refunds or exchanges